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JCB Construction Canada Inc. (JCB)

Founded in 1985, JCB Construction Canada Inc. specializes in the management and execution of medium and large-scale construction, renovation and interior design projects in sectors as diverse as commercial, industrial, institutional, commercial and multi-residential.

This company has become a key player in the construction industry over the years by undertaking multiple projects across Canada and has now more than 100 employees. Its leaders are banking on technology and new working methods to increase the productivity of its teams.


The FileMaker solution, used since 1996 by the company, has evolved organically over the years and required maintenance along with enhancements to meet JCB’s needs.

The management team weighed the pros and cons of migrating to another system versus the development of the FileMaker solution. Their analysis showed that FileMaker offered greater flexibility, allowing the company to adapt to their market and its customers, all at a lower cost in terms of development and maintenance.


The Direct Impact Solutions team was hired to develop the following FileMaker tools. An iPad application for the management of real-time construction site activities resulting in the elimination of paper transfers;

  • An inventory management module (tools and equipment) using barcodes;
  • Billing management modules;
  • A security update.

These additions allowed the site superintendents to access the centralized system platform to manage:

  • Equipment;
  • Outsourcing;
  • Orders;
  • Staff hours entry;
  • Daily reports.

As for accounting, the new modules have enabled the addition of systems allowing:

  • Invoice approval;
  • Order validation.

These tools provide better control and cost management with the new rigorous workflow tracking from a project manager to accounting. These efficient processes centralize the data and offer a gain in performance and time.


The company estimates productivity gains of up to 10% per employee through:

  • Efficiency, productivity and proactivity gains on the company’s data;
  • Less loss with errors and duplicate processes.

In addition, the iPad application programmed with FileMaker also allows environmental gains with the reduction of transfers and internal mail, while reducing the consumption of paper.

JCB plans to continue developing its FileMaker platform with new modules:

  • Employee file (HR)
  • Link with their accounting application
  • CRM



JCB Construction
JCB Construction
JCB Construction

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