FileMaker Training

As a Claris Platinum Partner and Claris Partner-Trainer, Direct Impact Solutions offers a comprehensive training program to help you master the Claris FileMaker platform.

Claris Platinum Partner

Our Certified FileMaker® Trainers have the experience and skills to deliver quality training courses. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to take a training session from a FileMaker expert and learn how you can start building an enterprise web application.

FileMaker Training Courses

We can train one individual or a team of users. Contact us for pricing.

1-on-1 FileMaker Training

Enjoy private coaching sessions tailored to your needs.

FileMaker Training Certification

Prepare for the FileMaker Certification exam.

FileMaker Coaching


Individual coaching sessions are for intermediate or advanced participants who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Claris FileMaker platform. Coaching can be used at any stage of the development of a custom application, be it data modeling, user interfaces (UX/UI), programming, security or deployment.


During the coaching sessions, participants can bring their Claris FileMaker app and find possible solutions to various problems with the help of an expert. The assigned coach will be able to share tips and tricks that will allow the participant to accelerate his learning of the platform or to facilitate the resolution of specific problems.


There is no prerequisite to participate in a coaching session. However, we recommend that participants master all of the concepts covered in our intermediate level class.

Terms and Conditions

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