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This course is designed for users who want to improve their knowledge of FileMaker for data entry and searches. This course does not cover database design or programming.


Participants will learn how to search a FileMaker database efficiently and how to manipulate records in fields and tables in an optimal way.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, participants should be familiar with basic operations such as opening the FileMaker Pro application, opening a file (.fmp12) and navigating records and fields.

Course Outline

Download the Complete User’s Level Curriculum (PDF)

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As a new developer you will learn what you need to build a database. You will start with creating tables and fields, and work with data sets. You will learn to create relationships that keep databases lean, improve reporting, and build beautiful, modern layouts.


  1. Start a new FileMaker or Claris Pro solution
  2. Import, export, and work with found sets of data
  3. Create calculations and use them in fields
  4. Create relationships between tables
  5. Build efficient layouts using themes and styles


At the end of the training, the participants who have achieved the objectives receive a certificate of achievement attesting the success of their participation. 


Day 1

Part 1: Foundations – Tables, fields, searching, and importing data

  • The elements of FileMaker
  • Use the elements of FileMaker as building blocks
  • Data tables, text, number, date and time fields
  • Learn to work with data

Part 2: The Data Model

  • Understanding of different models to pave the way to learn the mechanics of the Relationship Graph in FileMaker.

Part 3 : Calcs Everywhere

  • Basics of calculations

Day 2 

Part 1: Relationships 01 – Let’s Begin

  • Understanding of database relationships
  • Entities, attributes, and key fields

Part 2: Layout Design – Form, list and report

  • Explore tools for layout design
  • Use tools and layout parts to create nuanced data entry forms, lists and reports

Part 3: Using, Managing, and Customizing Themes & Styles

  • Explore cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Apply styles to layout objects
  • Manage styles effectively
  • Importance of naming conventions


Learn to create dynamic calculations that can be used throughout your solutions. You’ll learn to build clean forms for data entry and write scripts to automate actions and empower users


  1. Build scripts to automate routines
  2. Write calculations that are flexible and powerful
  3. Use the calculations in scripts and on layouts
  4. Create a clean and efficient data entry layout


At the end of the training, the participants who have achieved the objectives receive a certificate of achievement attesting the success of their participation.


Day 1

Part 1: Tour de Functions

  • Survey the large set of calculations in FileMaker with a focus on which are important and why
  • Learn the broad set of tools available in FileMaker

Part 2: Building a Clean Data Entry Layout

  • Learn how to properly design your data entry layout

 Part 3: Scripting 01 – Solid Foundations

  • Foundations
  • Best practices

Day 2 

Part 1: Scripting 02 – Primary Script Steps & Debugging

  • Discover primary script steps
  • Build skills with features
  • Error trapping
  • Script debugger
  • Data viewer

Part 2: Container Fields

  • Manage images, PDF files, and other containers
  • Explore container field features
  • Internal vs. external storage
  • Implications of secure image storage

Part 3: Let ( ) and Case ( )

  • Use of Let( ) and Case( ) functions


In this class, you’ll build skills with calculations and scripts and bring them together to make flexible reports. With looping scripts, you can significantly reduce manual tasks.


  1. Organize relationships to simplify design
  2. Discover ways to display calculations without creating fields
  3. Build scripts to automate repetitive routines
  4. Use layout objects to enrich the user experience
  5. Create methods for users to find and link data


At the end of the training, the participants who have achieved the objectives receive a certificate of achievement attesting the success of their participation.


Day 1

Part 1: Reports – Harness the Power of the SubSummary Part

  • Sorting records
  • Use layout parts and calculations to turn a list into a flexible report

Part 2: Buttons Bars – The Layout Calculation Object

  • Uses of buttons bars and what other functions they replace
  • Limitations of using this method

Part 3: Relationships 01 – TOGs

  • Difference between data model and the relationship graph
  • Build skills with many-to-many relationships, Table Occurrence Groups (TOGs)
  • Clarifying the primary purpose of the graph

 Day 2 

Part 1: Scripting 03 – Loops

  • Best practices when writing looping scripts
  • Nest, test, log and document
  • Importance of Loop If ( )

Part 2: Card Windows, Popover Buttons and Relational Value Lists

  • Card windows vs. the world
  • Usefulness of value lists and their odd features
  • Ways to find and choose the right record: popovers, portals, and card windows

 Part 3: Tie It Together: Calc + Script + Layout

  • Review our skills
  • Integrate the technical into great designs


In this class, you will build on your new skills and learn to use JSON. You’ll learn to use script parameters to make your databases more efficient. By adding record-level security, you’ll ensure uses see only what they need. With a dashboard, your users will be greeted by a screen that shows current, useful, actionable information. 


  1. Build dashboards users will love
  2. Learn modern ways to pass data to scripts with JSON
  3. Use an audit log to track when data is changed or deleted
  4. Create and configure user accounts and privilege sets


At the end of the training, the participants who have achieved the objectives receive a certificate of achievement attesting the success of their participation. 


Day 1

 Part 1: Dashboard – The Main Menu is Dead

  • Build a visual, meaningful, and actionable landing page (dashboard) 

Part 2: Scripting 06 – Audit Log

  • Importance of logs that track user changes
  • Integrate those logs with JSON and script triggers

Part 3: JSON

  • Passing parameters into a script from a button
  • Passing parameters from script to script
  • Audit logging

Day 2

 Part 1: Relationships 04 – Extending Relationships

  • One-to-one relationships
  • Cartesian relationships
  • Multi-Key relationships

 Part 2: Security – Encryption, Users, and Accounts

  • Encryption at Rest
  • Management of users and accounts
  • Authentication methods
  • Principle of least privilege

Part 3: Design Pattern – Populating a Portal with Perform Find

  • Display data using a design pattern that joins several features together


This program is intended for FileMaker developers who wish to take the official certification exam offered by Claris International Inc.

What’s included

Participants who register for the FileMaker Certification Learning Path program receive:

  • A 3-hour training session dedicated to the preparation for the certification exam (in a small group of 3 participants max.)
  • A 3-hour time bank for individual coaching with one of our FileMaker-certified trainers
  • A not-for-resale (NFR) educational copy of the latest version of FileMaker Pro
  • Exclusive access to Direct Impact Solutions’ certification exam preparation materials
  • A promotional code for 50% off our FileMaker training classes


This program assumes a certain level of knowledge and interest in Claris certification. This program may not be beneficial to beginners or intermediate developers of Claris FileMaker Pro. Based on these prerequisites, Direct Impact reserves the right to refuse an applicant’s entry.

Terms and Conditions

Download the outline for the FileMaker Certification Learning Path (PDF)

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Number of participants

A minimum of six (6) participants are required to confirm a class. The class must be confirmed no later than 10 working days prior to the scheduled date. In the event that the minimum required participation rate is not reached, the class will be canceled and registration postponed to a later date.

Course Schedule

In general, the training sessions take place from 11:30AM to 2:30PM Eastern Time (ET) – 8:30AM to 11:30AM Pacific Time (PT), except in certain cases.

Virtual Classrooms

All of our training sessions are offered remotely in a virtual classroom. We offer a complete training environment with a copy of Claris FileMaker Pro software for all participants and a FileMaker Server.

Do you wish for another date?

If the proposed dates are not to your convenience, you may register on our waiting list and you will have priority as soon as our next training session dates are available.

FileMaker Coaching


Individual coaching sessions are for intermediate or advanced participants who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Claris FileMaker platform. Coaching can be used at any stage of the development of a custom application, be it data modeling, user interfaces (UX/UI), programming, security or deployment.


During the coaching sessions, participants can bring their Claris FileMaker app and find possible solutions to various problems with the help of an expert. The assigned coach will be able to share tips and tricks that will allow the participant to accelerate his learning of the platform or to facilitate the resolution of specific problems.


There is no prerequisite to participate in a coaching session. However, we recommend that participants master all of the concepts covered in our intermediate level class.

Terms and Conditions

Download the outline of our individual coaching sessions (PDF) >>

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