Web Application Hosting

Direct Impact Solutions | AWS Hosting for Web Apps

AWS Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting

We’ll make your web application accessible to anyone on any device with a web browser. We utilize AWS for our hosting services, which means you don’t have to worry about natural disasters compromising your data.

Managed by Experts

We’ll take care of your server monitoring and backups. This means that we can help you monitor your server health, make necessary updates, and implement strict security protocols so that your data is protected and secure.

Custom Options

We have multiple size options available, and can help you choose the right size for your exact needs. Custom considerations include our add-ons for additional GB of storage or additional monthly traffic.

What’s included with our web hosting?

Web Hosting*MediumLargeXLarge2XLarge
SSD Storage Space50 GB500 GB500 GB500 GB
Internet Speed5 Gbps10 Gbps10 Gbps10 Gbps
Monthly Bandwidth50 GB500 GB500 GB500 GB
SSL Certificates
Security Updates
External Backups

*We offer additional storage space and backups, web application firewall, and additional monthly traffic for our Large, XLarge and 2XLarge plans.