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FileMaker Licensing

Upgrade FileMaker Developer Licenses

If your licenses are due or past due for an upgrade, we can help you obtain licenses and assist you with upgrading your solution to the current version of Claris FileMaker, even if your organization is running an antiquated version. Our experts can get your file backed up and updated so that you can enjoy new FileMaker features and run the platform on modern operating systems.

FileMaker Site and Server Licenses

Need to add a new user or users before your agreement is up for renewal? Reach out and we can help you add new users at a prorated price that will renew at the same time as the rest of your licenses. Adding users to an existing FileMaker license is simple and straightforward. Also consider a Claris Platform Bundle includes access to a full complement of Claris products at a significant discount.

FileMaker Licenses for Government, Education & Non-Profit Organizations

We work with multiple government and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and Canada, and are able to provide FileMaker licenses at a discounted rate for qualified organizations. We’ll remind you ahead of time when renewals are due, so that those costs can be properly budgeted for and approved ahead of time.

FileMaker Cloud & FileMaker Site License

We’ll work with you to provide the optimal type of FileMaker licenses for your organization with the goal of saving money. As a certified FileMaker Reseller, we’re well-versed in all Claris FileMaker license types, and can discuss whether a multi-year plan is right for you. If there’s a special promotion or discount available, we’ll be sure to let you know.

FileMaker Server

Unsure how to manage your connections, users and data on FileMaker Server? Our hosting experts are AWS-certified and ready to assist you. Fill out the form below for more information on our hosting offerings. We can create a custom plan to meet your data security and backup needs.

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