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With our solutions, maximize the potential of your collaborative tools. Some of our solutions are fully functional and can be downloaded and used for free, as is, using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced software.

Custom FileMaker Solutions

Integrating FileMaker with Cyberimpact Email Marketing Strategy

To help discover the capabilities of Cyberimpact, Direct Impact Solutions provides you with a demo solution.
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Integrating FileMaker with Office365 Collaborative Tools

To help you discover the capabilities of Office365, Direct Impact Solutions provides you with a demo solution.
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fmSearch Results 7

fmSearchResults 7

Search across your entire database with incredible speed, using functionality that mimics that of a search engine.

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This FileMaker module uses Google’s Maps API to find the latitude and longitude for a given set of addresses (geocoding) and then display markers of those coordinates on a single Google map.
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THX Mobile Themes

This theme package includes five interchangeable colored themes for your FileMaker apps, suitable for mobile or desktop use. It also includes a triggered script that can automatically toggle zoom for iOS or Desktop users.
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fmLog 2.0

This is a simple logging system that can be implemented in just a few minutes, and provides powerful features for tracking record edits, deletion, views, access to your application, and much more.
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fmLog 2.1 Add-on

Available for free download, fmLog 2.1 is an easy way to track all changes within your solution, and is compatible with FileMaker 19’s new add-on functionality. This add-on only works properly in English versions of FileMaker.
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fmRecentRecords gives you a simple way to add a history to the dashboard or menu screen that your users will appreciate.
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More Enlightened Theme

This theme package includes two replacement themes for the default FileMaker Enlightened theme – one light, and one dark mode.
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LaunchIt is a great way to share solutions with your clients. Simply enter the server and file information, and launch away!
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FileMaker Training Solutions

FileMaker Training & Certification Learning Path

Prepare for success with our FileMaker® Certification learning path.
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