Web Applications

Direct Impact drives digital transformation by designing custom web and mobile applications. Our expertise includes Laravel, PHP, MySQL, and more. We can help you choose the best fit for your needs.

Why Choose Direct Impact for your Custom Web Applications?

Progressive Web Applications

Improve your productivity and save time with our custom web applications, so that you can focus on value-added activities.

A Solid Business Relationship

Enhance your business relationship with  customers, members, or suppliers by enabling them to do business online.

24/7 Availability

Our apps can receive and share information securely, anytime and anywhere.

Simplify your business processes with a custom web or mobile application. Our experienced team will manage the project from concept to implementation. We’ll listen to your unique requirements and build an app that will help you gain a distinct advantage over competitors.

What are Web Apps?

Web apps are software programs that are designed to be run on the web. They are often created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but can also be created using other programming languages, such as PHP. Web apps can be used to create interactive websites, online stores, and much more. Web apps are designed to work on a web browser, so they differ from mobile apps in that they are universally useful, and don’t require a certain device (i.e. iPhone, Android, laptop) for an optimal experience.

Go Digital: Build a Custom Solution

Custom Web Apps

Whether it’s for intranet or extranet, our web developers have the experience required to set up secure web forms and web applications that meet your specific business needs. We can design these apps using PHP, MySQL, Laravel and FileMaker.

We turn your ideas into reality faster than you thought possible
  • We are experts in fluid & responsive web design methods
  • We create secure & reliable applications that are easy to manage
  • We can help you define your business requirements
  • We’re experienced with traditional web deployment platforms, as well as emerging mobile technologies
  • We pride ourselves in creating breathtaking user interfaces & experiences

We’d love to share our capabilities with you; we can help make e-commerce a reality for your organization with a transactional website. Set up customized product catalogues with online shopping carts, receive secure payments by credit card and track electronic or postal deliveries.

Mobile App Development

Applications Web

Your Data, Where & When You Want It

We deliver cutting edge mobile applications.

Whether you’re looking for a simple checklist tool or an intricate addition to your CRM, we’ve got you covered. Through our mobile application development, we give you efficient, flexible, and reliable access to your data wherever you are. We’ll empower you to create effective experiences that streamline complex workflows.

Experts in Mobile Development

We go that extra mile … (or kilometer).

With over 25 years of custom software development experience, Direct Impact Solutions will provide your company with the most effective custom software that improves your organization’s unique processes.

We’ll involve you in the entire design and development process, from initial concept to full implementation and beyond. After all, it’s your system – we’re just building it.

We’ll take you beyond software.

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