Digital transformation starts with flow. Escape from app chaos by bringing your everyday apps together to create automated workflows. Streamline your business. Supercharge your innovation.

Claris Connect

Automation made easy

Simplicity and power are no longer a tradeoff. With Claris Connect, automate in minutes, not days. Really.

Connect without boundaries

Integrate your apps into a seamless workflow, simultaneously between your devices, in your office or in the cloud.

FileMaker + Connect

Already using FileMaker? Claris Connect is the best way to integrate your FileMaker apps.

The power of automated workflows

Get into the flow

Need to automate a common business process? Claris Connect includes built-in templates to instantly manage marketing leads, route prospects to sales, track IT ticket escalations, facilitate order processing, and much, much more. Several popular apps are supported: MailChimp, DropBox, SalesForce, Office365, QuickBooks, Slack, Twillio, Trello, Shopify, Stripe, EventBrite, PipeDrive and of course Filemaker!

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Complex workflows

With Claris Connect, you don't need to code to connect your apps to each other. The intuitive interface allows you to create automation in just a few minutes. If you need to code, powerful tools for professional developers can design complex, custom workflows. These tools include utilities, email approval and webhooks for the integration of custom APIs, error management and conditional logic for flow control, as well as an integrated history and the creation of versions for tracking changes and troubleshooting.

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