Author name: Eleanor Fulton

Demystifying Quebec Law 25

Demystifying Quebec Law 25 Are you curious about the newest stage of Law 25 and how it affects consumer privacy in Quebec? Previously known as Bill 64, Law 25 has sparked numerous debates and discussions around the topic of consumer data privacy. Whether you’re a legal enthusiast or simply interested in understanding the intricacies of …

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Claris Platform Bundle

Claris Platform Bundle

What is the Claris Platform Bundle? On July 28th, 2022, Claris announced the Claris Platform Bundle, which is a new licensing configuration that allows named users to access to multiple products from the Claris line, including Claris FileMaker, Claris Studio and Claris Connect, among others. Whereas the Claris Problem Solvers Circle (CPSC) is the new …

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support for digital transformation

Government Support for Digital Transformation in Canada

With the introduction of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) and the Quebec C3i and ITC tax credits, government support for digital transformation can help Canadian organizations looking to invest. Here’s how to know what’s covered in each program, if your organization qualifies, and how to get started.

FileMaker Upgrade

Is it time to upgrade your FileMaker solution? If you aren’t running the most updated version of Claris FileMaker, we’d urge you to consider a FileMaker upgrade. Perhaps your new laptop is no longer compatible with your current version of FileMaker, or you would like to access new features such as API connectivity, WebDirect or …

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Beyond Software

FileMaker Consultants

Our goal is to provide a great ROI on your custom software investment, and we’re here to partner with you on every step of the way, including version upgrades, data migration, developing new features, training new employees and troubleshooting.

how to download a file from FileMaker Server 19

How to Download a File from FileMaker Server 19

Since the release of FileMaker Server 19, Claris FileMaker users have had issues downloading files from the FileMaker Server Admin Console, as the process has changed slightly from past versions. If you prefer to learn in a video format, check out this short tutorial for downloading files from FileMaker Server 19. The problematic download process looks like …

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