Portrait of Alan Bruce: It’s All About Loving Your Job

Alan Bruce Employee Spotlight

Alan Bruce has been working in application development since 1999. Over the years, he’s had a front-row seat to the evolution of various technologies—and especially to the rise of the Internet. But one thing about his work has remained constant: he still enjoys finding just the right solution for a client.

A team player, even from a distance

Alan joined the Direct Impact Solutions family about two years ago when the company acquired his then-employer, CoreSolutions Software in London, Ontario. At the time, health measures were forcing staff members to work from home. “I love working from home,” says Alan, “but I do miss the work environment and interacting with my colleagues, most of whom I’ve known for 10 or 15 years.”  According to the programmer, the company’s strength lies in its team, and he appreciates working alongside each member. That’s why he was so glad to meet several of his colleagues in person for the first time at a staff meeting in Quebec a few months ago.

The Western University graduate is currently working on web application development for a client in the field of criminal background checks. “We’re implementing new technologies and improving front-end web applications. This is a really exciting time right now,” he says enthusiastically. Alongside his team, he makes regular progress reports to the client in order to take stock and make adjustments if necessary.

A knack for happiness

Outside of work, Alan leads a quiet life, taking time to relax and appreciating the quiet moments when they come. As he’s happy in his job and satisfied with his current situation, he has no intention of changing anything in the short term.

He got to this comfortable position in life by constantly learning about new developments in computer science—technologies, languages and methods. His advice for young developers just starting out is to showcase their achievements and their open-mindedness: “The best way to get a foothold, whether it’s in a small or large company, is to program. Show people that you’re willing to learn new technologies and work as part of a team.”

These two qualities definitely make Alan a valuable asset to the company today!