Apple Database with Integrated Filemaker Solutions

Get the Most Out of FileMaker & Apple – Direct Impact Solutions

During this free webinar you will discover how Auclair & Landry, a company specializing in the distribution and installation of commercial and residential garage doors, saves $70,000 (CAD) per year with the help of Apple and FileMaker (the Workplace Innovation Platform).

You will see how technical appointments at the customer’s location are now handled on Apple iPads.

The custom application, designed by Direct Impact Solutions, is used by the technicians to manage their appointments at the customer’s location. They may now access the routes, view orders in progress, take notes during their appointments and create work orders on site, all thanks to Apple and FileMaker.

During the webinar, you will see how a custom application made with FileMaker® provides efficiency gains, increased security as well as better working conditions for the employees.