Direct Impact wins a FileMaker Excellence Award

Every year, FileMaker (newly reborn as Claris) recognizes FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) partners who have demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism in using FileMaker® software to deliver excellent solutions to their customers. The FileMaker Excellence Award winners are chosen from over 1,000 FBA partners worldwide.

This year, Direct Impact Solutions was honored to receive a FileMaker Excellence Award, specifically the Advocacy Excellence Award. This award underlines the partner who has contributed the most to bring awareness to the FileMaker Platform.

Over the last year, Direct Impact Solutions has been highly proactive in promoting the FileMaker Workplace Innovation platform through numerous events (live web seminars, conference sessions, community articles and customer stories) reaching out to hundreds of prospective customers. Direct Impact Solutions was also among the first partners to obtain the new Workplace Innovation Platform certification, in English and French.

This award confirms our company’s commitment toward the promotion of the platform as well as our leadership within the FileMaker community.

We thank you for your continued support and loyalty, and look forward to serving you for years to come.

The Direct Impact Solutions team