FileMaker Certification Training Path

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Become a Certified FileMaker® Developer

Improve your chances of success towards FileMaker certification.


This program is intended for FileMaker developers who wish to take the official certification exam offered by Claris International Inc.

What’s included in our FileMaker Training

Participants who register for the FileMaker Certification Learning Path program receive:

  • A 3-hour training session dedicated to the preparation for the certification exam (in a small group of 3 participants max.)
  • A 3-hour time bank for individual coaching with one of our FileMaker-certified trainers
  • A not-for-resale (NFR) educational copy of the latest version of FileMaker Pro
  • Exclusive access to Direct Impact Solutions’ certification exam preparation materials
  • A promotional code for 50% off our FileMaker training classes

FileMaker training prerequisites

This program assumes a certain level of knowledge and interest in Claris certification. This program may not be beneficial to beginners or intermediate developers of Claris FileMaker Pro. Based on these prerequisites, Direct Impact reserves the right to refuse an applicant’s entry.

Training pricing

  • $995 USD/$1195 CAD per enrolled participant
  • Additional coaching hours can be purchased as needed ($195 per hour)

Terms and Conditions

Download the outline for the FileMaker Certification Learning Path (PDF)

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