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Integrating FileMaker with Office365

Maximize the potential of your collaborative tools

Microsoft Office365 Suite offers a Cloud Service Package which includes the standard office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), communication (Outlook, Skype) and online collaboration (OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, etc.). Easy to use, this suite has robust security, reliability and control you need to manage your business.

On the other hand, the FileMaker Platform allows you to design and deploy powerful custom apps to support and automate your operational and administrative processes to support your success. FileMaker integrates easily with Microsoft Azure External Authentication Service.

What if you could take it a step further by fully integrating your FileMaker custom apps with Microsoft Office365 Suite?

fmOffice365 Demo Solution

To help you discover the capabilities of Office365, Direct Impact Solutions provides you with a demo solution. This solution demonstrates how to retrieve and manipulate contacts and messages in a FileMaker file from an Outlook account configured with Microsoft Office365 online services. Integration is done through Microsoft Graph APIs.

The fully functional solution can be downloaded as is and used free of charge using the FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced software (version 17 or +). If necessary, you can also request access to the source code to adapt the solution to your needs.

Terms of use:

  • The fmOffice365 solution is provided free of charge by Direct Impact Solutions, without any warranty or support.
  • To access the solution features, you must have access to or install a copy of FileMaker Pro software (version 17 or more recent) on Mac or Windows.
  • The demo solution requires a custom Web service to activate two-way synchronization with the Microsoft Graph API. This component is NOT included with the demo solution. If you need to extend its functionalities, you must build and deploy your own custom Web service separately.
  • Use of the Microsoft Graph API requires a subscription to Office365 that can be purchased online or through our local partner Mon Technicien.

View the recording of the solution video presentation.

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