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FileMaker Mobile Application for the Société de médecine dentaire

Direct Impact Solutions is a global leader in the development, integration and optimization of custom-made solutions that drive digital transformation using low-code platforms and web technologies. We specialize in creating applications with Claris FileMaker, which is an Apple subsidiary. As members of the Apple Consultant Network (ACN), we combine our FileMaker skills with our Apple technical services. This allows us to build custom-made applications for our clients, and also help them configure their Mac and iOS devices so they can access their FileMaker solution.

The Client

The Société de médecine dentaire (SMD) is the scientific and professional dental association for Belgium’s French dentists, led by Bruno Gonthier and Olivier Custers. Their mission is to contribute to the progress of odonto-stomatology science and the advancement of dentistry. The SMD encourages teaching and research, the organization of scientific activity, and helps provide the public with information and education. Members can access services such as continuing education, group insurance, a debt recovery service, representation at all levels in the industry, direct specialist help through a hotline, access to regional study clubs and more.

The SMD’s journey with Apple started about 10 years ago, when help was needed to manage member services. Because the SMD was relying on multiple disconnected applications, they were experiencing a work rut. After researching available solutions, they chose to utilize FileMaker. They hired an organization to build their first FileMaker solution, which is still in use to this day for core business processes. A few years later, the developer that built the solution, Cyril Jouannault, started his own company, KiSoft. The SMD followed Cyril to KiSoft, then to Direct Impact Solutions when KiSoft was acquired in 2020. This was the beginning of a successful and trusting relationship between the SMD and Direct Impact Solutions.

The Challenge

In addition to providing member services, the SMD also organizes events, such as conferences and workshops. Registration for these events was done online through their website, but was often problematic and required frequent maintenance. With the rise of mobile app usage, the SMD wanted more. The client wanted to streamline operations by creating a solution that was linked to their existing FileMaker database. The goal was twofold; they wanted to improve user experience by offering registration directly through a mobile app, and they wanted registration information to be automatically transferred from the app to their FileMaker database.

The Solution

Direct Impact Solutions created a custom FileMaker mobile application that manages event registration, where data is collected and then transferred to their existing FileMaker database. The app is hosted on an internal virtual and secure dedicated server. Modified or new elements entered in the back office are now directly visible on the mobile application. Users can register for events from their iPhones. Once payment has been made, the application sends a notification inviting members to verify the registration in a temporary database. If everything is accurate, the registration is transferred to the existing (final) FileMaker database, where the number of remaining available places is updated in real time. Because many registrants are now using smartphones, having a savvy mobile application is a game changer for the SMD. It also helps them reach a younger audience and considerably reduces maintenance linked to prior issues.

The Benefits

The solution helped the Société de médecine dentaire offer a better user experience and work more efficiently by reducing maintenance and connecting their internal database.

The solution provides many benefits:

  • Increased revenue due to a better user experience, which ultimately leads to more registrants
  • Cost savings by reducing maintenance due to website registration issues
  • Increased productivity due to less registration maintenance
  • Reduction in registration errors and subsequent troubleshooting
  • Better user experience due to fewer issues and the use of a native app instead of a browser
  • Improved customer experience due to the introduction of a mobile app
  • Improved employee experience due to streamlined operations

If we make a comparison between the old and the new process, although it remains similar at its core except for the platform that is being used (i.e., typical website accessible via a browser vs. native mobile app), everyone agrees that user experience has significantly improved. Moreover, the process has become easier with less maintenance and issues arising from website registration. Claris FileMaker allowed to create a solution that positively changed the way the SMD offer their services and respond to the needs of their members.

FileMaker mobile app UI
FileMaker mobile app UX