Claris Engage Beyond Advisory Committee

Direct Impact Solutions would like to congratulate Kimberly Carlson, the Regional General Manager of our U.S. Subsidiary, for her nomination to serve as the Claris Engage Beyond Advisory Committee Co-chair.

Kimberly joins Claris VP of Marketing, Britta Meyer Rock, as the other co-chair of the Claris Engage Beyond Advisory Committee. This committee was created to encourage, organize and prioritize community feedback for Claris Engage Beyond Events. Kimberly was nominated in part because of her participation as a member of the Claris Partner Council.

Kimberly has served as a Claris Partner Council member since October of 2020. The main goal of the Claris Partner Council is to offer individual and collective Partner perspectives to Claris as needed. The Claris Partner Council aims to form a liaison between Claris’s corporate team and the Claris community at large. When asked about this role, Kimberly states that the Claris Partner Council is “a collaborative effort between the Claris Executive Team and selected Claris FileMaker Community Partners. The council’s goals are to harmonize and advance the long-term growth and success of the Claris FileMaker platform and community.”

Kimberly’s nomination as co-chair of the Claris Engage Beyond Advisory Committee furthers her goal of making Claris Engage a more inclusive event. Kimberly notes that “there are always those that felt like Engage wasn’t really about them or for them. I’m trying to elevate the level of engagement by increasing the overall representation. My goal is to diversify the audience by diversifying the session speakers and topics.”

Interested parties can find out more information on these committees as well as information about the refreshed format for Claris Engage Beyond on this post in the Claris Community.