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Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

custom manufacturing software

Case Study: Lifecycle Management with Custom Software

Read how we helped a multinational manufacturer manage their inventory in real-time, from raw materials to shipping, by using a barcode system.

Case Study: Software for a Clothing Manufacturer

Read how we helped a clothing manufacturer transform operations while saving money.

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Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing can be complex, and we know that is an understatement. From ordering raw materials from suppliers, to storing those materials in inventory, converting inventory through different processes into final products, and shipping those products elsewhere, we know just how important every detail is in running a smooth manufacturing operation. But what happens when a shipment is delayed, something stops working, or you suddenly have too much or not enough inventory?

We see that custom software benefits our clients with unique and changing processes the most. Manufacturing companies tend to have both criteria met in spades – unique processes and frequently changing processes. Both factors require workarounds for commercial off-the-shelf software, and these workarounds can be confusing and time-consuming.

manufacturing process software

Imagine having a custom software solution that is set up to order from your suppliers when your inventory hits a certain level, a barcode management system for tracking inventory in real-time and an integration with your shipping software so that you only need one interface for all work processes. Or not.

Maybe your unique needs are different, but you would benefit from having software that doesn’t include an extra suite of features you don’t need. Maybe you are doing your heavy lifting in MS Excel but reaching the limits of what Excel is meant to do. Maybe you need a web app for eCommerce that syncs automatically with your existing inventory. Maybe you need an iPad application for warehouse workers to track processes in real time.

All these uses can result in a great ROI and can be an impetus for manufacturing businesses to consider developing a custom solution. We have lots of experience in the field, and will gladly talk through timing, budget, prioritization, and available options for process optimization.


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