Direct Impact Solutions Wins Claris Advocacy Excellence Award

On February 7th, 2024, Direct Impact Solutions (DIS) won the 2023 Claris Excellence Award in the Advocacy Excellence category. This award is given to a Claris Partner that increases awareness of the Claris platform by sharing their expertise to expand the Claris Community.

DIS participates in many activities to promote platform awareness, including but not limited to hosting webinars, conferences such as CQDF and Rome FileMaker Week, and the creation of blogs and YouTube videos. It takes a group effort to continually produce multimedia content in English, French and Italian; DIS is grateful for the shared mission and collaboration of its international team.

Several members of the DIS team attended the Claris Engage conference in Austin, Texas, where the award was presented and accepted in-person at the first live Claris conference in several years.

The DIS Team Collects the Claris Advocacy Excellence Award

When asked about the significance of this award, DIS President, Philippe Lazzaroni, notes:

“It means the world to us!  It is the ultimate recognition by our peers, of all the efforts DIS is making to increase brand awareness for the Claris platform. We have always believed that investing in the platform’s advocacy was the best way to ensure its sustainability. We are very happy that our efforts are being recognized for their true value.”

Direct Impact Solutions previously won this award in 2019, as well as the Claris Excellence Award for Evangelist of the Year in 2012. As a Claris Platinum Partner, DIS is proud to be an active member of Claris’ robust partner ecosystem. Further information about the 2023 Claris Excellence Awards can be found here.