Our FileMaker Training Sessions

As a Platinum Partner of the FileMaker Business Alliance and FBA Trainer, Direct Impact offers a comprehensive training program to help you master the FileMaker platform.

Our Certified FileMaker® Trainers have the experience and skills to deliver quality training sessions in both French and English for the Canadian market. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to undertake a training session with a FileMaker expert.

In-Class Training Sessions

Our in-class training sessions regularly take place in Montreal (Quebec) Canada.

Virtual Training Sessions

Our training sessions are also offered remotely in virtual classes.

Customized Training Sessions

Contact us for information about our custom training sessions.

Choose your Session

Beginner’s Level


This one-day session is designed for participants who already know the FileMaker software from a user’s point of view for data entry and searches but have not yet explored programming.


With our training session for beginners, you will learn how it’s possible to create a FileMaker solution in just a few hours. Learn how to turn your Excel spreadsheets into FileMaker applications that are networked and accessible on your mobile devices. You will learn to establish a relationship between two tables, how to create modern models that maximize the user experience.


Participants who attend this training session must know how to:

  • Create, delete and modify tables and records
  • Create, delete and modify find requests
  • Create, delete and modify layouts

Course Outline

Download the Complete Beginner’s Level Curriculum (PDF)

Intermediate Level


This 2-day training session is for participants who are already familiar with FileMaker’s basic programming tools, but wish to explore the platform’s capabilities.


With our intermediate level training session, you will learn how to organize tables and links in an optimal way and how to automate the users’ tasks by means of scripts. Also, learn how to use calculations, variables, and script settings to develop an ergonomic and elegant user interface.


Participants who attend this training session must know how to:

  • Import and export data
  • Create and manage layouts
  • Add and move objects in layout
  • Configure single action buttons
  • Create a link between two tables

Course Outline

Download the Complete Intermediate’s Level Curriculum (PDF)

Do you wish for another date?

If the proposed dates are not to your convenience, you may register on our waiting list and you will have priority as soon as our next training session dates are available.

About our Training Sessions

Number of participants

A minimum of six (6) participants are required to confirm a class. The class must be confirmed no later than 10 working days prior to the scheduled date. In the event that the minimum required participation rate is not reached, the class will be canceled and registration postponed to a later date.

Course Schedule

In general, the training sessions take place from 8:45am to 4:30pm, except in certain cases.

Training Classrooms

We offer a complete training environment with a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced software for all participants and a FileMaker Server. Our classrooms are equipped with Windows computers configured to connect to the virtual environment and access training materials.

Virtual Classrooms

Training sessions are available in physical classrooms or remotely at the same rate. Please specify your preference on the registration form in the space provided.


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