Claris FileMaker 2024: Supercharge Your Apps with AI

Claris FileMaker 2024 was released on June 4, 2024, with several key upgrades, including the use of AI and a semantic search feature. If your FileMaker application hasn’t been updated recently, implementing these cutting-edge upgrades can help your business gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

What’s New in FileMaker 2024?

Claris FileMaker 2024

Claris FileMaker 2024 includes several key updates. One of the most powerful new features is semantic search, which allows organizations to access their data more intuitively. This release also incorporates predictive and generative AI, allowing organizations to optimize their applications with cutting-edge technology. Other updates include improvements to JSON functions, new Data API script steps, support for managing SSL certificates, enhanced mobile support, and better application versioning.

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Semantic search leverages AI modeling to match user inquiries with existing application data; application users can ask natural language questions and perform searches in a more intuitive way. This means users don’t have to know the exact search parameters and correct terminology to find the information they are looking for. This feature allows your organization to access data more easily and effectively.

FileMaker Pro 2024 includes several new tools to optimize scripts and apps:

  • TheExecute Data API now supports write operations for faster scripting against data
  • Revert transactions in subscripts is more responsive to business logic and/or error handling
  • The JSONMakeArray function is new and simplifies calculations for defining richer script parameters
  • GetLiveTextAsJSON gives more visibility into metadata
  • Better OData 4.01 compliance makes for simpler integrations
  • Developers can now use filter expressions
  • Navigate entity relations with direct support to simplify complex integrations
  • The OpenQuicklyshortcut allows developers to quickly access frequently used workflows
  • FileMaker Pro 2024 supports local notifications
  • New themes and value lists for import.log

FileMaker Server 2024 Updates

FileMaker Server 2024 includes a heavily anticipated new feature by supporting free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, which simplify SSL certificate setup and management, thereby creating a simpler process for securing customer data. Certificate requests and renewals can be automated with system scripts built into FileMaker Server 2024.

Updates to the FileMaker Server Admin Console allow administrators to see all schedules in a single view, block new user connections, set contact information, and customize the Ubuntu swap file for maximal performance. FileMaker Server 2024 also allows for more flexible role configurations, all while keeping customer data security as the top priority.

Several updates allow for improved application life cycle management. These updates include FileMaker Server support for scriptable file upload and download, the ability to rename files with the FileMaker Developer tool, and the ability to hash script steps and layout objects when using Save As XML. These new functionalities allow for better, clearer application versioning.

FileMaker Go 2024 Mobile Apps

FileMaker Go is better than ever, with one tap access to mobile apps. FM Go applications can now capture any kind of binary file type into container fields, and can import more text data formats. The new function GetLiveTextAsJSON provides better metadata so script steps can accurately extract text from images. Developers benefit from new Widgets Support that links to favorite applications, and can automatically launch a selected app when opening FileMaker Go. These enhanced mobile support features allow for more flexible and improved user experiences.

Does this Impact Licensing?

This release doesn’t impact the current licensing model. Your license plan will remain the same, as only the Claris FileMaker, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Go products are changing. This means that you’ll have access to all the new features with a current license plan.

Get Started with Claris FileMaker 2024

As a Claris Platinum Partner, we’re here to help you with every step of the transition to Claris FileMaker 2024. Our expert developers are perfectly equipped to help your organization determine which new features would augment the capabilities of your applications. Ready to add AI and semantic search to your applications? Curious about adding an FM Go app? Reach out to your account manager today, or send us a note to get the conversation started.